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The Ffaldau Arms

Commercial Place, Pontycymer.
The Ffaldau is placed in the centre of Pontycymer and is on The Ffaldau Square or The Square as it is known.This public House was an inn and the appearence of it has changed in the past few years as it used to have an archway into the courtyard at the back,but this has been developed and can no longer be seen.

The Royal Hotel

Bridgend Road, Pontycymer.
At Pontycymer square the valley split in two for about three miles only to be joined again at tylagwyn. ( The most southerly point and the point at which we are using for the boundary.) We are now crossing for a moment to the eastern side of the valley for this hotel. "The Royal" is currently being used as the clubhouse for Garw Athletic Soccer Club.


The Squirrel Hotel.

Alexandra Road, Pontycymer.
We are now back onto the west side of the valley and about 200 Yards south of the Square. This hotel is on the corner of Oxford Street which is the main shopping area of Pontycymer and Alexandra Road.

The Pontycymer Rugby Club.

Oxford Street, Pontycymer. This is the Clubhouse of Pontycymer R.F.C. It is right in the middle of the main shopping street in the valley.


The Pontycymer Veterans Club

Oxford Street,Pontycymer.
This is the next club that you come to going south down the valley.
( This Club has now sadly closed down ).

The Braich-Y-Cymmer Hotel

The Braich-y-Cymmer Hotel is locally know as the Braichy It is on the Western side of the valley and is in the centre of the only village on this side of the valley called Pont-y-Rhyl. It is a very popular venue for families especially in the summer where families can enjoy themselves in the long summer evenings.


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