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This area is given over to the Garw Valley ' Watering Holes ' . For a short distance of about 3 miles which is not very heavily populated we are spoilt as we has a good number of Pubs and Clubs and here is set out the watering holes that are left in the valley. Some of the Hostelries have disappeared but here is a snapshot in 1999.


Blaengarw Working mens Club

Blaengarw Road, Blaengarw.
This is the club that is the most northern club in the valley and is almost at the top of the valley and therefore the local name for the club is The Top Club
Blaengarw Working mens club was founded in 1949

The Blaengarw Hotel

The Strand, Blaengarw.
The Blaengarw Hotel ( The Blan ) is the next watering hole that you come to traveling south down the valley. like a lot of public houses in the valley it started as a hotel although it is now a Pub


The Wexa Club

David Street, Blaengarw.
The Next Watering hole traveling south is The Wexa Club. The Wexa is an Ex-Servicemans Club.

The Charter Club.

This is the only pub/club that is not on the main road. The Charter Club is a private club.


The Blaengarw Rugby Club.

Victoria Street,Pontycymer.
This club is the clubhouse of Blaengarw Ruby Team but strangely it is in the next village which is Pontycymer. The Blaengarw team took over this club a few years ago. The Club used to be called The Pontycymer Working mens Club. It is just past the boundary between Blaengarw and Pontycymer and is roughly between both valley as is still known locally as
The Halfway Club.

Pontycymer Constitutional Club

Waun Bant , Pontycymer.
Locally know as The Con Club.

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