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Over the next few pages I have been sent some old photographs and I have tried to take fresh photographs from roughly the same place to show the difference.

gloucester_buildings_1908 gloucester_buildings_2005

These photographs are of the Pontycymmer and Pontygog border looking south down the valley. The b/w photograph was taken in 1908 and is a Sunday school march of Zion English Baptist Church.
Perhaps the most striking thing is apart from the addition of a garage there seems to be little difference between the two dates, however the left hand side had also been developed. It is currently a bus park but is has been a builders yard.
In the past there was an outside swimming pool behind this. (I would be very interested if anybody has a photograph of this).

Pontycymer_Square_1913 Pontycymer_Square_2005

These photographs are of Ffaldau Square in Pontycymmer. The b/w photograph was taken in 1913 and the colour photograph was taken in 2005. The main difference is that the colliery has disappeared and you can see that the whole of the left hand side of the photographs are different. On the right hand side the building that was stone faced in 1913 is still standing but know has been painted white. This building is the Ffaldau Hotel. It is very likely that is was a hotel or inn in 1913. On the right hand side of this building in 1913 you can se an archway. This used to be the entrance for the yard where horses would be tied. This was blocked around the 1980's and has now gone to make extra room for the hotel bar.

King_Edward_Street_1910 King_Edward_Street_2005

Next we see a scene from King Edward Street in Blaengarw. This time we are looking north. Again there is little change between these photographs taken in 1910 and 2005.
On the left the row of houses is smaller as some have been demolished. On the right hand side you can see a sloping wall with some railings on it, this was the Police Station but is now a private dwelling.

Station_Street_Blangarw_1915 Station_Street_Blangarw_2005

Here we see Station Street in Blaengarw. Again not much has changed. The lamp post has been removed but the rest of the scene shows little change from 1915 and 2005. The building on the right hand side is Blaengarw Primary School.

The_Strand__1915 The_Strand_2005
Finally on this page we see The Strand in Blaengarw. In the 1915 photograph you can see the park as it was developed and had a bandstand in the middle. Again sadly this was demolished in the 70's/80's to make the open plan space that we see today. Perhaps the modern version is easier to maintain but the area has lost a lot of is character.

This are will be expanded in the near future.
My Thanks to Allan Ponting, who has supplied the "old photographs" for this page.


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