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The idea for this area was born when I was taking photographs for the snapshot area. I was looking through some old photographs that I had and decided that it might be of interest to take new photographs from the same place and to see the change that has taken place in the last 25 years so that's what I did and this is the result.

Note : The photographs on the right have been taken in 1999 and the ones on the left have been taken in the early 1980's.

Carn_Looking_North_84_Image Carn_looking_North_99_Image

Carn Looking North
This the first of the photographs and here you can see the top of the valley. The Garw valley runs south from the top of the valley which is a cul-de-sac. In this photograph you look north to the Dead End Which is the Carn Mountain.
You can see the highest street in the valley which is called Pwllcarn Terrace.
The second picture on the right has been taken at a slightly lower elevation since the re sculpting of this area the deepest part of the valley has been filled in and the river has been moved from the centre of the of the picture on the left to the left hand side on the picture on the right.

Carn looking South 82' Image Carn looking South 99' Image

Carn Looking South.
In this picture we have moved up to the base of ' Carn Houses ' and have tuned 180 degrees to look south down the valley.
In the photograph on the left you can see some railway trucks carrying coal from the valley. The Railway has now made way for a Very picturesque lake.

Carn Looking West Image Carn Looking West Image

Carn looking West
In this photograph we have turned slightly west and we can see the remains of the pit head baths ( This photograph is a few years later than the previous view ) .You can also see that the 'Slag Heaps have also been removed and landscaped.

Halfway North Image Halfway looking North Image

Half Way'ish looking North
Here we have now moved about half a mile south and are about half way between Blangarw ( the top Village in the valley ) and Pontycymer ( The next village and where this tour will end ). We have turned to look north again. The Photograph on the left shows a footbridge across the colliery railway track and it has been demolished and where the railway track was the is now a walking and cycle track. the old bridge also crossed the river and now a lighter bridge crosses the river.

Halfway looking South Image Halfway Looking South Image

Halfway Looking South
The views here are now looking south and are about 200 yards further south. on the left you can see a colliery pipeline and also you can just make out the river. The slight bank in the foreground hides the rail track but you can now see the footpath/cycle track that replaces it.


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