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Cwm Garw

It has been said ,Cwm Garw could be a derivation of Cwm Y Ceirw translated The Valley of Deer , in the Swansea valley they have Cwm rhyd y Ceirw which over the years has remained the same. Personally I believe what my grandfather told me that,Cwm Garw translated The Rugged Valley ,as the Garw Valley stretching from Brynmenin to Bwlch Garw encompassing at least 11 small valleys.

The first shallow valley lies between Cae Garw farm and Drehir.
Cwm Felin arw rising East from Llangeinor Square.
Nant Y Cwrdy at Tylagwyn .
Nant Llwyn cria at Lluest.
Cwm Forch Wen at Pant Y Gog leading up to, two small valley .
Cwm Gelli wern rising East of the Ffaldau Square , Pontycymer.
Cwm Nant hir Bleangarw.
Afon Garw cascading from Bwlch Garw .
Nant Cwm gwyn running Westwards after leaving Bwlch Garw.
Nant Cwm gwinen running Eastwards..
Finally Garw Fechan going in a northerly direction from Braich Y Cymer.

All these small valleys with their , oaks , elms, sycamore and ash trees together with its rocky out crops add to the interesting rugged landscape of our beautiful picturesque Garw Valley.

T.Merlin Maddock.

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