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Garw Fechan is a Forest Park which is on the western side of The Garw Valley. It has been created for the people of the valley and also visitors to the valley and has marked walks and sculptures, it also has picnic areas and also B-B-Q facilities. The park consists of both deciduous trees and also evergreen trees and the views can change beautifully with the seasons.
Some events are staged through the year such as walks and cycle rides.

As you walk along the forestry road from the main road and enter the park the views are very beautifully and as you can see in summer the foliage is in full bloom.

Anyone who is unable to walk the full distance of the pathway to the main picnic area can also take their car into the main area as parking facilities are available however you lose the first view magic of the area.

At the picnic area the pathways split and you may walk up either pathway to get to the top of the forestry but if you with you can follow the pathways at the western most side and you can then view the sculptures.

The Sculptures

NOTE : I hope to add more description to the sculpures in the future, unfortunatly the descriptions had been destroyed before I could note them.

First Sculpture First_Sculpture
SecondSculpure Second Sculpture
Third Sculpture Third_Sculpture
Fourth_Sculpture Fourth Sculpture
Fifth Sculpture Fifth_Sculpture

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