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The Garw Valley

The Garw valley is a small ex-mining valley in Mid Glamorgan which is in South Wales which is a part of the United Kingdom.
When I set out to design this site the idea was to create a snapshot of images of the Valley. The main reason for this was that the ' Garw ' has changed very much in the last 30 years and has changed from an industrial mining village to a mainly commuter village for industry further down the valley although there is still some work in the valley with the new small units that have sprung up, also there is a long well established company in the form of T.D. Rotomoulding, however all the Mining has now disappeared from the valley and with the reclamation going on it has also almost disappeared from sight.

So the main areas of the site is with the 'Snapshot' still very much in mind however it struck me when I was taking the photographs for the site that it might be interesting to locals to be reminded of some of the changes, So I took a look at some of the photographs I took in 1982 and 1984 and took new photographs from the same vantage point. I put them in the Now and Then Area.

Like many South Wales Valleys and I'm sure many other areas of the world the valley is awash with Places of worship which are only just out numbered by Public houses and clubs so therefore both get their own areas.

Sport has always been important in this valley and not just Rugby, Although the two Rugby teams of Blangarw RFC and Pontycymmer RFC are still well supported there are also Soccer and Cricket teams.

The Garw Fechan Woodland Park has been designed as a place of leisure now but is the trees are basically a crop for the forestry commission, however the area is very beautiful, I hope the photograph do it justice.

Schools and education are changing all the time but here is a snapshot of the buildings old and not so old.

The Local Knowldge area of the site is for you to make a contibution as other have done and I am always thankful to receive contibutions.

The area called Further Interest. This I think would be useful for anybody thinking of spending a short holiday n the area and takes in many of the local places and events that might be of interest.

If you are an ex-resident of the valley or wish to contact anybody then the guest book would be good places to post a message.

Despite this opening page being mainly text, this site is Pictorial in nature and therefore relies on a lot of photographs and therefore the download times may be a little long if you do not have a fast connection but please don't be put off, be patient and I hope that you will enjoy this very beautiful place.

There is an e-mail address if you wish to contact me ( Click on ' Feedback ' above) and there is also a Guest_Book for you to leave any comments that you wish.

Lastly let me thank you for your interest in this site and wish you all the best for the future. And now explore the site!